Thanksgiving 2011

Thanksgiving was beautiful this year! I was thoughtful enough to make our family dinner on Wednesday. And the nicest day was had by all. Tuesday afternoon the wonderful Jiminy Peak Chimney sweep came to install the chimney liner for the new wood stove.

Our whole life changed with the first lighting of the fire. The house went from “wear long johns and put a sweater on” to cozytimes; “somebody open the window” in a matter of a half an hour.

I cooked a lot of really good food.

Spent most of the day at my station. That’s whatcha do!

(when you are loving what you do and who you are doing it for!)

Stuck pretty close to the traditional fare. Although, that is a cherry pie in the back there…

Sometime around seconds, I remembered to take some photos….

I did a simple vegetarian, (untainted with the baconness) Brussels & carrots, which you can see above.  And then, a little variation on traditional fare… Shredded Brussel Sprouts caramelized with my sweet chipotle bacon and pecans. It was RIDONKULOUS!

Sticky Spiced Sweet Potatoes… (Not sure they were caramelized enough, but we were all hungry!)

I used to think I needed the jelly kind of cranberry sauce in the can, but every year, I make my own, and never crack that can in the pantry. This year, it was simple with a little ginger and orange. SUPER tangy and palette cleansing.

I love listening to the berries pop.

It seems that I do not have an electric mixer, but it is on the Christmas list indeed!

(They were still super creamy and yumms by the way)

 This year, I made a roasted butternut squash puree to pour over the mashed taters, gives them a little different flair.

And the stuffing… I did two.

One pretty traditional, (scuse the blurry shot, I need a good camera for food shots yo.) golden raisins, and walnuts…

and the one shown here; had wild rice, sausage & apples, (which was a first for me, that sausage thing…) and was pretty deelish!

 I realized some time ago that I really don’t like turkey, so I make chicken. In the tradition of, do little to it, I did little to it alright. and it was delicious. Badass gravy pulled the quote, (which I may use on my next flier):

“It’s the gravy that separates the armchair chef from the real deal…”

I swear the house was full of beautiful people… I just forget to whip out the camera, and the family photo thing never occurs to me. It really should. And will. Next year… A family photo…

I am so in love with my family…

Which reminds me… THIS year, a holiday card from the family.


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