There are a million and one sites dedicated to the love of food, and I can’t get enough of them! So I started my own… about food and flavour and I invite some conversation… I enjoy delighting the tastebuds of carnivores with vegetarian and vegan alternatives.. Try me! Come, share a recipe, tell us how you made an old favorite edible for your vegan and vegetarian friends…
Tell us how you didn’t take a vegetable into concession… We want it all, There are never too many cooks in this kitchen! I see this growing into a wonderful place to come… recipes dusted with a story here and there, and soon…. Photos of food… glorious food….


So here it is. Let’s start with a little something about me, because I am such a rockstar… And we can talk about you and food later…

An entrepreneur of sorts, Jill of all trades…
From my upbringing in the country kitchen to the health food store,
on to work with two of Woodstock’s most influential vegetarian chefs,
and back out the other side of Dharma- center survival school…
I have had a wealth of experiential education in taste and technique.
There is very little that intimidates me when it comes to food,
and my goal is to leave you feeling confident in the kitchen.


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