Here is where you the eater can share some with me and the readers! (I might share some too… that’s the point right?) I love to cook vegetarian food for meat eaters. There is something very satisfying about seeing them enjoy themselves when they thought they never would.
Do you have any recipes for old standards where you’ve taken the meat out?

Soon come, some treats!


3 comments on “RECIPES

  1. um…. so many things… shall I give you a sauce recipe?

    secret sauce?

    start of in the bottom of a large POT, on low flame with some high quality extra virgin olive oil.

    Add a whole lotta fuckin garlic…. Minced. As much as you can handle.

    I myself am a garlic freak.
    So I use 4 whole bulbs of garlic.

    Permeate the house with the garlic scent… to cover up any other scents which may occur during the preparation of this dish….

    throw in your large roughly chopped white onion.

    stir and simmer until the onions have sweated and the garlic together join into the rope of sweaty garlicy onion taste.

    then throw in two cans of crushed tomatoes, that you have pushed through a china cap, deseeded on their way into the pot.

    Now it is time for the most important ingredients…..

    Salt and pepper.

    Do not be afraid to use salt and pepper.

    stir and allow to cook for a little while.

    until you see it kinda bubbling.


    get your Vincent’s store bought medium tomato sauce, large. and add to POT.

    as well as your store bought Rao’s Arabiatta sauce. Large, and also add to POT.
    stir again and cook for a good ten minutes on low flame continually stirring like they did in Goodfellas.
    Now some people may call me crazy, but I add half a cup of Sugar. That is about it.

    Whatever Pasta you use, of course, fresh is the best… But I know how it is…

    I also like coating my noodles with butter before adding the sauce.

    It is not a fully home made sauce but…. It has fooled some pretty rough italian foodies I aquaint myself with.
    get some semolina and some good oil, parsley, a little parmegiano reggiano, a nice red wine, maybe a nice Merlot, and Mange!

    that’s it tha’s it that’s it…. Beautiful.

  2. taco salad

    1 lb of meat (turkey or beef, ground)
    cooked til browned

    1 can of refried beans,
    add to meat in skillet

    1 package of taco seasoning
    add to mix

    1/4 cup of water,
    and mix the bitch

    in bowl , put tortilla chips in and smash into bite sizes with fingers
    add a scoop of your liking (in size) of meat/bean mix, unto chips
    toss chopped lettuce of your choice, next.
    add shredded cheese(s) of your choice lastly
    CRUCIAL ingredient???!!!!!
    Catalina salad dressing
    toss with that dressing til all ingredients are mixed

    THE best!!

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